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Serving the greater Jacksonville and Daytona areas since 2003

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Heating and Air Conditioning in Middleburg, FL

If your air conditioner is leaving you hot around the collar you may need professional air conditioning repair services. Does your heater cost too much to operate for you to heat your home comfortably? Is your indoor air quality not living up to your high standards? Call AC Designs Inc. today to ensure that your air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems can keep your Middleburg, FL home efficiently comfortable.

Air Conditioning in Middleburg, FL

Just because Florida is a hot place to live for much of the year does not mean that you cannot be comfortable throughout the summer. Contact AC Designs Inc. today for more information about air conditioning installation options available in Green Cove Springs, FL. Whether you choose to cool your home with a central AC, heat pump or ductless mini split system, AC Designs Inc. has the air conditioning installation services you need to do so confidently.

Air Conditioning Repair in Middleburg, FL

No problem with your air conditioning system is too minor to justify calling AC Designs Inc. for professional air conditioning repair service in Green Cove Springs, FL. Even the smallest issues can develop into serious problems given the time. Let us handle all your air conditioning repair needs before serious damage is done to your system.

Heating Service in Middleburg, FL

Nothing complements an efficient, effective performance from your air conditioning system better than the same level of performance from your heater. Call AC Designs Inc. today to schedule the high quality heating installation you need to protect your comfort. Winter may not be particularly harsh here, but when the temperature does drop you need to know that you have a heating system you can rely on. Call today to schedule heating installation service in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Professional Heating Repair in Middleburg, FL

When you heater suddenly stops operating or costs more than normal to keep your home comfortable, call for professional heating repair immediately. Minor warning signs may indicate a serious issue with your heater. Operating a compromised heating system will only exacerbate the situation. Call AC Designs Inc. today for great, dependable heating repair service in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Other Services Offered in Middleburg, FL

  • Commercial HVAC: Do you own commercial property in Middleburg, FL? If so, you know how much you need to depend on your commercial HVAC system. Let us know when you need any commercial HVAC installation, maintenance or repair service in Green Cove Springs, FL. Our team of commercial HVAC experts will keep your commercial property comfortable year round.
  • Indoor Air Quality: If the air quality in your home is subpar we can help. Call today for air cleaner installation, duct sealing service or whole–home dehumidifier repair services. We want you to live in a more comfortable, cleaner environment, so call now.
  • System Controls: Are you still using an old, manual thermostat to regulate your heating and cooling system? If so, you’re missing out. Call AC Designs Inc. to learn about the system controls available for your home, including zone control systems, programmable thermostats and wireless controls. Take control over the way you use energy in your home.