5 Reasons to Join an AC Maintenance Program

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Nothing is more miserable than losing your AC when you need it most — besides the repair bill that comes with fixing it. Life in hot and humid Florida requires a reliable AC unit year-round. Unfortunately, our extreme Florida weather is hard on AC units, which can lead to frequent breakdowns and high repair costs. 

That’s why we created AC Design’s AC maintenance program, to give you total peace of mind. By joining, you can prevent the frustration that comes along with AC troubles and keep your home cool no matter the season. Plus, we’ll help keep your energy bills manageable and maintain healthy indoor air quality. Whatever your AC needs, AC Designs is the AC company in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida you can trust.

Priority Scheduling & Replacement

You don’t want to be without AC for even an hour in our hot Florida weather, let alone days. That’s why quick and efficient service is a must. Once you join our AC maintenance program, you’ll be at the front of the line for service and HVAC maintenance needs. You won’t have to worry about waiting around for parts while your unit isn’t functioning properly. 

Many homeowners opt to wait until their unit breaks down to seek maintenance service. However, this is risky during the busy summer months. AC companies see a high volume of requests during this time which are completed first come, first serve — unless you belong to our AC maintenance program. Instead of waiting with no heating or cooling, AC Designs’ preferred maintenance members receive priority scheduling. 

At AC Designs, your comfort is our priority. That’s why we also offer after-hour emergency service for preferred members, so your needs can be met as soon as possible. Plus, our technicians will work around your busy schedule at times that work best for you. 

AC Maintenance Program Discounts 

Joining our AC maintenance program will not only save you money by preventing future repairs, you’ll also have access to special discounts and rates. AC Design’s preferred customer maintenance program offers 50% off regular diagnostic fees and a 20% discount on repairs. 

This discount is so huge, that you can pay for the cost of your membership with only one service. With your protection in place, you won’t have to worry about unexpected high repair bills or unit breakdowns. You can simply enjoy a cool, comfortable home year-round.

Improved Reliability

Our AC maintenance program is designed to help your unit last longer. When your air conditioning receives consistent routine maintenance, you’ll deal with fewer repairs, improved capacity, and an overall extended lifetime for your unit. At AC Designs, we offer two pre-scheduled system checks per year for program members. These services prevent costly issues from going unnoticed and improve the safety of your unit. 

Regular Maintenance 

Seasonal tune-ups, especially following winter months to check for debris or weather damage, are essential to prevent major issues or repairs. Plus, they increase your unit’s energy efficiency. 

During these check-ins, our professional technicians will clear your unit of dust and other airborne particles. Clogged air filters can result in your HVAC system working twice as hard, which also puts a strain on your energy bill. Our expert HVAC techs extend the life of your unit by keeping your system clean and clear.

Insulation Tune-Ups  

Quality insulation and air conditioning go hand in hand. When your insulation is weak, your AC unit may not function properly. After joining our AC maintenance program, technicians will inspect your unit’s insulation regularly and provide fast solutions when necessary. 

This service ensures that your unit and its parts are as up-to-date and efficient as possible. If necessary, our HVAC technicians can modify the type of insulation in your unit to foam or fiberglass. Being a part of our preferred customer program ensures that you receive customized service with your home and family’s best interests in mind. 

Sign Up for AC Designs Maintenance Program

Joining an AC maintenance program will save you money, time, and frustration in the long run. Contact the experts at AC Designs to sign up today. We’re a top AC company in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida with all of the support you need to keep your home comfortable year-round.