System Controls in Jacksonville, FL

A heating and cooling system is a complex assemblage of various materials and mechanisms. The technology has evolved significantly over the years, and today’s systems are much more advanced and efficient than they were 20 years ago. But all systems need system controls. You don’t want your system to be running constantly or at the press of a button. You want it to be integrated with a thermostat (or multiple thermostats) so that it responds automatically to your heating and cooling needs, whatever time of year it may be.

We offer a number of different solutions when it comes to system controls. From smart thermostats to zone control systems, we will make sure that you have everything that you need to ensure you have full control over your HVAC equipment. We not only install new controls from scratch, but we can also troubleshoot any problems that you’re having with your existing setup.

For professional HVAC system controls in Jacksonville, FL, call AC Designs.

How Do I Know Which Type of System Control is Right For Me?

That depends on a number of factors. For some, only the most basic digital thermostat located at one place in the home will do. While that’s not the most efficient approach, it is probably the simplest. But if you’re after more versatile control over the way in which your various living spaces are heated and cooled, then you’ll have to consider a more advanced approach, possibly a smart thermostat or even a comprehensive zone control system.

When Should I Schedule a System Control Repair or Replacement?

Like any other products, your system controls will not last forever. You’ll have to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, including short–cycling (when your system turns on and off too frequently), a lack of efficiency resulting in high bills, or a system that just won’t turn on. We can make sure that your system problems are diagnosed accurately so that comfort is restored throughout your home.

What Types of System Controls Are There?


The thermostat is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any HVAC system. Though small and not nearly as expensive as other components within that system, it nevertheless controls how you feel inside your own home. We offer a number of different thermostats for installation, including smart and wifi models.

Home Automation Gateways

A home automation gateway is a way to control various systems within your home by means of an internet connection. You can control not only your heating and cooling systems automatically, but also your security and electrical systems, all by means of a smartphone or tablet.

Zone Control Systems

The zone control system is a type of HVAC upgrade often installed with new systems. It divides your HVAC system into distinct zones, each of which can be separately controlled. This cuts down on the total amount of energy consumed and it also allows you to customize the temperature of your home for each of its inhabitants. Call us today to learn more about the system controls that we offer to customers throughout the Jacksonville, FL area.

Why Should I Consider Custom Duct Design?

It’s imperative that you hire a professional to install your ductwork, of course, but you should also consider custom duct design. Not only does the fit between your HVAC system and your ducts have an impact on performance, but it can also make or break your energy efficiency. We offer custom duct design throughout Jacksonville.

Why is Energy Code Compliance Important?

Complying with energy efficiency codes as stipulated at the municipal, state and/or federal levels is not only important to reduce the overall energy consumption in this country, but also to help you cut costs. Fortunately, saving the planet and saving money often go together. We can help you comply with the latest codes.

Thermostats in Jacksonville, FL

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in Jacksonville, FL can be a challenge. Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping their heating and air conditioning systems in good condition, as it is necessary to get the best, most efficient performance possible. A lot of people fail to understand just how important their thermostat is to this process, though. We offer a wide range of thermostats for installation and replacement, and we are eager to make sure that your thermostat is installed correctly the first time. It’s the only way to operate an HVAC system effectively and efficiently.

The ability to regulate temperatures accurately in your home is important both for your comfort and for your ability to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible. The thermostat in your home is the central control system of your entire home comfort system. That is why it is necessary to understand and properly utilize your thermostat. Modern technology now gives us more control than ever over the way in which we heat and cool our homes.

Call AC Designs today to learn more about what types of thermostats we offer. We can also replace or repair your existing controls.

Why Are Thermostats Important?

The thermostat on your wall is the central control system for your entire heating and air conditioning system. It should come as no surprise that it can really affect the performance of that system. The condition of your thermostat, its installation, the way you use it, and even its location can all impact the efficiency and effectiveness with which your heating and air conditioning system operate. Poor efficiency means higher energy costs in your home, so we suggest that you give your thermostat a little more thought.

What are the Best Thermostats for Jacksonville, FL?

There are a few different types of thermostats that you may choose to utilize in your home or commercial building in Jacksonville, FL. As is the case with your heating and cooling system as a whole, there is no one thermostat that is inherently better than the other. Consider your heating and air conditioning habits and goals, and work with a professional to ensure that you get the right thermostat installation in your home or office.

Digital Thermostats

Manual and digital thermostats are the most basic designs. While they are not as common as they used to be, many homeowners still prefer the simplicity of a manual thermostat. Simply turn a dial to the temperature you want, and make adjustments as necessary. Digital thermostats work the same way, but the digital readout makes accurate temperature setting and monitoring easier on the eyes.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a great option for homeowners looking for a little more control over the way in which they use energy in their homes. By setting different heating and cooling programs you can maintain moderate, efficient temperatures while you are out of the house. The thermostat can then be programmed to heat or cool the house shortly before you are to arrive home, allowing you to return to a comfortable environment without maintaining those levels in an empty house all day.

Smart Thermostats

For those of you that are more technologically inclined, a smart thermostat installation may be the right choice for your home. Smart thermostats or energy management systems offer you a great number of options to help see how energy is being used in your home. You can create heating and cooling programs, monitor energy use, and even use a computer or smartphone to adjust energy use remotely.

Zone Control Systems and Services in Jacksonville, FL

When energy prices are high – and they always seem to be – the ability to heat and cool your home in a more efficient manner is a great luxury. With a zone control system installation from AC Designs, you can make better use of your heating and air conditioning systems with increased control over them. If you have ever wanted to heat an individual room or area of your home without raising the temperature throughout your house, a zone control system installation may be just what you need. Call today to learn more about how zone control systems can improve efficiency in your Jacksonville, FL home.

AC Designs offers quality zone control systems and provides zone control system services in Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

How Does Zone Heating and Cooling Work?

With the installation of a zone control system, you can separate your home into different heating and cooling zones. By controlling the temperature settings in these designated zones individually you can use energy in a more thoughtful way. A zone control system installation gives you the tools you need to direct energy use in your home more efficiently.

When you are entertaining guests in your living or dining rooms there is no reason you should be maintaining the same temperature in the unoccupied rooms upstairs. By utilizing a zone control system you can keep everyone warm in occupied areas while maintaining more moderate temperatures in empty rooms. When you are getting ready for bed you can adjust these temperatures as needed, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable sleeping environment without paying to maintain it all day.

If you think that a zone control system is a right upgrade for your home in Jacksonville, FL call AC Designs. Our service technicians can help you decide if a zone control system installation is right for you and your heating and cooling habits. The installation of a zone control system, like any other HVAC equipment, can only be completed by a trained and certified expert. To learn more about the installation process and the potential benefits for your home call AC Designs today.

How Can I Troubleshoot My Zone Control System?

One of the great attributes of a zone control system is that they require very little service. In order to guarantee the most efficient, effective performance possible from your system, though, it must receive the same routine inspection and maintenance service as the rest of your heating and cooling equipment. If a problem does arise with your zone control system, repairs must be made as soon as possible. Schedule zone control system repair services the moment you suspect a problem with the equipment in order to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Home Automation Gateways in Jacksonville, FL by AC Designs Inc.

Have you ever felt unsafe in your home? Or perhaps you’ve thought that maybe things could be a little more convenient around the house? Chances are that there are some areas in your home that you think could be improved upon. By making use of modern technology such as a home automation gateway you can resolve these issues. Let AC Designs Inc. answer any questions that you may have about the installation of a home automation gateway in Jacksonville, FL. We can help you improve efficiency, convenience, and safety in your home.

AC Designs Inc. provides heating and air conditioning services to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and the surrounding Northeast Florida area.

What is a Home Automation Gateway?

Home automation devices allow you to control lights and energy use in your home with remotes. If you have ever felt your way down a dark hall to get to the light switch at the opposite end you understand the benefit to this. A professionally installed home automation gateway lets you have even more control over these home automation devices.

If you want to take your home automation capabilities to the next level, contact AC Designs Inc. about the home automation gateway options available in your home. We can help you gain even more control over the automation devices already in use. Let us help you take control.

While home automation devices give you the great option of controlling systems with a remote or system controller, a home automation network gateway allows you to do so through the internet by using a computer or smartphone. This means that you can remotely access your home automation devices from anywhere where you are connected to the internet.

What are the Benefits of Home Automation Gateways?

By using a home automation gateway you can control a number of different systems from work or on the road. Increase the safety of your home and check in during vacations by accessing your security cameras remotely. Forgot to water the lawn on a hot, sunny day? Simply log into your home automation system from the office and start up the sprinklers. Take control of your home with a home automation gateway system from AC Designs Inc.

When working with this type of technology that you depend on so much you need to know that the installation and incorporation of this technology are handled with skill and expertise. Contact AC Designs Inc. today to schedule your home automation gateway system. We’ll make sure that your system is up and running properly to keep your home as safe, efficient and convenient as possible.

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