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When you need high-quality air conditioning installation or heating repair and maintenance service in the Jacksonville, FL area, call the local experts you can trust at AC Designs Inc. We are always happy to help local residents and commercial property owners keep their homes and offices as comfortable as possible throughout the year. Considering our heat and humidity, that’s not always easy. If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of your residential or commercial HVAC systems, call AC Designs Inc. today for more information about all the great services we offer, including:

AC Designs Inc. provides professional air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and new construction HVAC services in the Jacksonville, FL area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

We Offer Extensive Air Conditioning Services

It’s no secret that Jacksonville, FL is hot and sunny for much of the year. That is why your air conditioning installation service is so important. If your air conditioning installation is not handled with the necessary care and expertise then there is no way for you to get the high–quality, efficient performance that you need and deserve. Call AC Designs Inc. to make sure that the sizing of your new air conditioner and the installation itself is handled with the quality and care we are known for. And while a proper, professional installation is necessary to ensure your air conditioner operates the way you need it to, keeping it operating at that level requires additional services. If we discover a problem we have the skills and training necessary to ensure that any air conditioning repair service is completed right the first time around.

Considering a New Central Air Conditioner?

If your central AC unit is broken or just old and close to retirement, then you may want to take action. We will evaluate your system to make sure you make an informed decision concerning your old system. If the time is ripe, then we can recommend a powerful and efficient machine, capable of handling our summers.

For Ductless System Service, Call Us

In addition to taking care of ducted systems, from central air conditioners to heat pumps, you can also count on our team to take care of your ductless system needs. Ductless systems should work well when professionally installed, but no system can escape trouble indefinitely. Let us find a solution for your system if it’s ailing.

Stay Warm This Winter with Our Heating System Services

A dependable home heating system is just as important in Jacksonville, FL as a reliable air conditioner. You may not use your furnace or another heating system as often as your air conditioner, but when temperatures do drop, you need to know that your heater is up for the challenge that lies ahead. Call today to schedule the quality heating installation service you need to guarantee your heater will work efficiently and effectively when you need it. Scheduling routine heating maintenance is the best way for you to care for your home heating system. As your system operates, it will incur some general wear and tear. Preventive maintenance helps ensure this wear and tear does not escalate into serious damage to your heating system.

Let Us Take Care of Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

If you find your indoor air quality is less than optimal, it may be time to invest in an air purifier or air filtration system or even a UV light. Each of these systems has its own advantages, and we can tell you all about them. Moreover, you’ll also want to keep an eye on your humidity levels to ensure you avoid excessive water vapor that causes trouble for your AC and your comfort. We make sure that your indoor air quality products are installed and serviced properly.

We Offer Air Duct Cleaning

Let us take care of your air duct cleaning service. We have extensive experience with this service, and you’ll want to make sure your air ducts are treated carefully. Mishandling can lead to damage that will only exacerbate any issues related to excessive dust and debris. Let us make certain your air ducts are in great working order.

What Do Your Ducts Need? Sealing, Repair or Replacement?

We specialize in custom ductwork design as well as duct sealing, repair, and replacement. Few homeowners recognize the impact that ducts have on their heating and cooling systems. They must be air–tight, clean and also appropriately sized, to begin with. We offer professional duct sealing as well as repair and replacement.

Custom System Controls Are Available

When we approach a project, we want to make that project conform to the needs of the customer. That includes everything from selecting the right equipment to making sure the system is controlled carefully and correctly. Let us take care of your zone control system installation or thermostat replacement.

We Offer Thermostats for Installation

Smart thermostats are quickly taking off as more and more consumers are interested in home automation systems, as well as the prospect of saving money. Let our team find you a wireless or smart thermostat that matches your needs exactly. We make sure you have what you need.

We Specialize in New Construction HVAC

That is correct. We believe every new homeowner has the right to an affordable heating and cooling system that will not only match their budget but also their year–round comfort preferences. Our heating and cooling technicians will work with you to ensure your new HVAC system is carefully chosen. We offer heat load calculations and energy code compliance to ensure that it’s a good fit. Moreover, we also offer a wide range of systems to ensure you find something that matches your needs. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Our Commercial HVAC Services in Duval, FL

Your commercial HVAC system works hard. You need to provide it with the services necessary to keep it working efficiently and reliably whatever time of year it may be. Our commercial HVAC installation service helps you get the most out of your system from the start. We use only high-quality products that are built to last by leading manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can also keep your commercial equipment in great working condition with our heating repair and maintenance services. Whatever commercial HVAC problems you may have, we have the solution.

Do You Need Server Room Cooling?

Let us make certain your electronics do not overheat with our server room cooling installation services. We make sure you have exactly what you need, whether that means a new system installed from scratch or a last–minute repair. As always, our routine maintenance plans are available for those want to keep their systems in great working order.

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