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When you need exceptional heating and air conditioning services in the Orange Park, FL area, simply call the local experts at AC Designs. Our residential heating, indoor air quality, air conditioning and commercial HVAC services will keep your home or commercial property comfortable all year long. Such equipment requires the expertise and experience of a trained professional in order to function as it should. We employ an entire team of such certified technicians, so let us take care of your needs. Do not put up with discomfort in Orange Park. Schedule service today.

Remember, for commercial HVAC repair and other services in Orange Park, FL, call AC Designs. Let us help with all your HVAC service needs.

Our Extensive Air Conditioning Services

Over time, your air conditioning system will accrue some general wear and tear. When this happens, routine maintenance should be performed to handle any issues. That is why regular AC maintenance is so important. No amount of cleaning and tuning–up can completely eliminate the possibility of damage to your system, however. Call AC Designs Inc. when you need to schedule professional air conditioning repairs in Orange Park, FL. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning repairs are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

The performance of your air conditioning system in Orange Park, FL is nothing to gamble with. No matter what type of home cooling system you use, professional air conditioning installation is a must. Without the proper, professional installation service your AC needs there is no way to ensure the high-quality service you need.

Troubleshooting Central Air Conditioners

There is plenty that can go wrong with your central AC unit during the course of its service life. For one, you may find that your system begins to make a loud or otherwise obnoxious sound during operation. That’s a sure sign that something’s wrong and that you should give our techs a call. We offer repair and maintenance (not to mention installation) for central air conditioners.

Why Ductless Systems Are Energy Efficient

You may not know this, but one of the biggest problems in efficiency is the amount of airflow that gets lost within the network of supply and return ducts. By removing that system entirely, ductless systems offer outstanding energy efficiency, which can pay off in the long–term. We install, repair and maintain ductless air conditioning and heating systems throughout the Orange Park, FL area.


As with any mechanical system, it is very likely that at some point you will need to schedule professional heating repair service. When you do, give us a call. We are familiar with all sorts of heating systems, and our professional training and extensive experience make us a great service provider to trust. Let us handle your heating repair needs in Orange Park, FL.

Do not think that just because you live in Florida you do not need a reliable home heating system. Get the most out of your new heater by scheduling professional heating installation service. There is no better way to guarantee that your heater is properly sized and installed than by scheduling a professional heating installation service. Call today for more information.

What You Can Do about Poor Indoor Air Quality

It can be tough to assess just what may have gone wrong with your indoor air quality. It could be that your indoor air is not being ventilated as frequently as it should be, or your relative humidity level may be fluctuating too extremely depending on the time of year. Whatever the case may be, we can make sure that you have a solution working for you on a daily basis. We offer a wide range of different products, including dehumidifiers, air filters, air purifiers and energy recovery ventilators not to mention air duct cleaning, duct sealing and just about everything in between. We want you to breathe better air in your home.

Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

During the course of its service life, your HVAC system will incur extensive wear and tear to its various components. One of the reasons for this is the presence of dust, dander, dirt and other debris that can build up on sensitive components and lead to all sorts of issues. By having your air ducts professionally cleaned, you’ll be giving yourself an advantage, not only in terms of preserving your system, but also energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

From Duct Sealing to Duct Replacement

When it comes time to make sure that your air ducts are in good working order, you need only one number: ours. We specialize in all aspects of duct repair and replacement as well as duct sealing, in addition to installing new ducts from scratch with a new AC or heater.

No Comfort without System Controls

You can’t expect your HVAC system to operate effectively without a decent set of system controls. Whether you have an extensive zone control system installed within your home or just a simple smart thermostat, it should match your heating and cooling preferences exactly. Let us make sure that it does so with our system control services.

Thermostats: Which One Is Right for You?

If you find that your system is not as efficient as you’d like it to be, you may want to consider upgrading your thermostat. We offer wireless and smart thermostats that can do wonders for your overall energy efficiency. It also helps you cut down on system wear and tear.

We Handle All Types of New Construction HVAC Services

Investing in a new home carries with it many responsibilities. You’ll want to make sure that your property is safe, functional, convenient and also comfortable. One of the major systems to consider in this regard is your heating and cooling. We all know what summer’s like in Orange Park, and making sure that your air conditioner’s output matches your home size is critical. We offer comprehensive new construction HVAC services, including heat load calculations and energy code compliance, and we offer a number of high-quality products, from central AC units to heat pumps and ductless systems.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial property owners know better than to put their commercial HVAC equipment at risk. After all, it is at least partially responsible for the success of your commercial ventures. Do not make the wrong impression on customers, clients, and employees in your commercial space by greeting them with uncomfortable temperatures. Contact us today and schedule the high-quality commercial HVAC installation services in Orange Park, FL that your system needs to operate efficiently and dependably. We can also help you keep that system working properly with our professional maintenance services, as well as by offering high–quality commercial HVAC repair. Do not trust anyone other than highly skilled and trained professionals with your commercial HVAC products. The stakes are just too high.

Does Your Server Room Cooling System Need Work?

It’s nigh impossible to evaluate HVAC equipment without the expertise and experience that comes along with professional training. Don’t make that mistake with your server room cooling system. We can make sure that it’s running at peak efficiency and effectiveness with our installation, repair and maintenance services. Call AC Designs Inc. today.


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