Air Filters and Air Cleaners in Jacksonville, FL and the Surrounding Areas

At AC Designs Inc. we believe, as a basic principle, that the comfort and satisfaction of our customers should be our top priority. We also know that, in order for our customers to be truly comfortable and totally satisfied with our services, we must be able to offer them more than great heating and cooling options. We must also be able to help them achieve the highest air quality possible in the Jacksonville, FL area homes. That is why we are so proud to offer exceptional indoor air quality products and services, including air filters and air cleaners for installation.

AC Designs Inc. provides heating and air conditioning services to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and the surrounding Northeast Florida area.

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How Can Air Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality in My Home?

Sometimes the most basic approaches to solving a problem also happen to be among the most effective. This the case when it comes to air filters. While air filters are very simple, straightforward tools, they are able to effectively many airborne pollutants on a filtering material, removing them from circulation throughout your home.

You may have changed the air filter in your heating and air conditioning system at some point. The efficiency with which air filters work is rated with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). While the factory installed air filter on your HVAC equipment is important, it likely has a very low MERV of 1–4. This allows the filter to protect your heating and cooling system from dirt and debris, but it is not really intended to boost indoor air quality.

With the installation of a more efficient air filter with a higher MERV you can remove more pollutants from the air that you breathe. Keeping these air filters clean and changing them when necessary is a great, affordable way to improve indoor air quality in your home. Contact us today for more information about the installation of air filters in St. Augustine.

Air Cleaners in Jacksonville, FL by AC Designs Inc.

Electronic air cleaners and purifiers are another great way to boost the indoor air quality in your Jacksonville, FL area home. They are a little more complex than air filters and, as the name implies, they do require a power source for operation. When used correctly, though, electronic air filters can really make a difference in the quality of the air that you breathe.

Electronic air cleaners use an ionization process to give airborne pollutants an electromagnetic charge. The charged particles are attracted to a collector plate in the air cleaner, which can be wiped clean, or simply attach themselves to the walls or surfaces in the room. They are removed from the air and can no longer be circulated throughout your home.

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