Heat Pumps in Jacksonville, FL and the Surrounding Areas

Sometimes it seems like energy prices just will not stay put. When energy costs are high it can dissuade you from keeping your home heated and cooled to the comfortable degree you wish. At AC Designs, we believe that our customers deserve total comfort throughout the year, regardless of energy costs. With the installation of a heat pump, we can help you achieve your comfort goals all year long. Let our team of heating and cooling experts help you keep your home comfortable more efficiently and affordably for uninterrupted comfort.

AC Designs provides quality heat pumps and professional heat pump services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance to Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system capable of keeping your home comfortable all year long. That may not sound like anything special, but the incredible efficiency that a heat pump operates with really sets it apart from other heating and cooling options. With a proper installation a heat pump can greatly reduce the amount of energy you use, potentially reducing energy costs in your home.

Heat pumps are able to cut down on energy use by utilizing the heat transfer principle in their operation. This means that, rather than consume a fuel to create energy, heat pumps transfer preexisting heat into or out of your home to heat or cool it. Only a small amount of electricity is necessary to complete the heat transfer process. This reduction of energy consumption can have a serious impact on cutting down on energy costs. In order to do so, though, your heat pump must be professionally installed and serviced.

Do You Need Heat Pump Installation Service?

The whole point of a heat pump is to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Without a proper, professional heat pump installation, your heat pump will never operate as efficiently as it could. From the proper sizing to ductwork design and the installation itself, a number of different factors can reduce the efficiency of your heat pump if not handled with the care and expertise that only a professional can provide. To learn more about heat pump installation options in Jacksonville, call AC Designs.

We Offer Heat Pump Replacement

Eventually, like any other heating and cooling system, your heat pump will need to be replaced. When that time comes it is important that you contact a professional technician to handle your heat pump replacement. Only then can you be sure that the replacement model you choose is most appropriate for your home and that the installation of that replacement system will be a success. Do not trust just anyone with the installation or replacement of your heat pump in the Jacksonville area. Call AC Designs to schedule service today. We’ll make sure that your heat pump can heat and cool your home in the most efficient way possible.

Our Professional Heat Pump Repair Service

Your heat pump is a mechanical system, and even with great maintenance practices you will still encounter a problem requiring professional heat pump repair service at some point. The sooner these repairs are made, the better off your heat pump will be. Do not ignore the warning signs your heat pump exhibits that may indicate the need for repair services.

If your heat pump is costing you more money than usual to operate, it may need professional repair. A sudden drop in performance levels or unusual sounds may also point towards a potentially serious issue. Contact a professional heat pump service provider immediately to have any problems addressed and resolved before major damages occur.

Call Us for Heat Pump Maintenance

Even the most innovative home heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance to ensure their continued efficiency and high–quality performance levels. Your heat pump, like any other mechanical system, is going to accrue some general wear and tear during operation. This is unavoidable, but it also does not necessarily need to be a problem.

When you schedule routine heat pump maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL, you are allowing a qualified technician the opportunity to inspect and tune up the many different components of your heat pump system. You are giving them the chance to eliminate any threats to your heat pump while they’re still fairly small. The longer such problems go unaddressed, the more serious they are likely to be. By addressing these developing issues early on, your heat pump technician can minimize the effect on your system. This allows you to save money during operation, thanks to improved efficiency, as well as reducing the need for repair services.

You deserve the most efficient, reliable performance possible from your air conditioner. Make sure that is what you get in your home. Contact the heat pump repair and maintenance specialists in Jacksonville, FL at AC Designs today to schedule service.