Heating Replacement & Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

If you think that living in Florida means that you do not need a dependable heater in your home, think again. While your home heating system may not get the same sort of workout that your air conditioner does, it is still an integral player in your year-round comfort. When you need to schedule heating and air conditioner services in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding areas – including installation, furnace repair or heat pump maintenance – call AC Designs. We make sure your heater is as efficient and dependable as possible so you keep your home affordably heated when the temperatures dip.

AC Designs offers quality heaters for installation and provides comprehensive heating services in Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Call today to schedule your service appointment.

Is Professional Heating Installation Important?

Not just anyone can be trusted to handle your heating installation service. The efficiency, effectiveness, and even the safety of your heating system’s operation depends in large part on the quality of the installation. Without proper installation services, even the best heaters will fail to deliver the quality performance they should.

For example, take the issue of sizing your new heater. When you schedule your heating installation with AC Designs, you can be sure that your new heater will be properly sized for your home. We complete a heat load calculation to ensure this is the case. After all, if your heater is not properly sized then it will not operate as it should. If it is too small it will struggle to keep your home warm and comfortable, risking damages to the system. If it is too large it may frequently short cycle, as it brings the temperature up too quickly. This will greatly reduce the efficiency of your heater. Make the right choice, and call us to handle your heater installation in Jacksonville, FL.

When Should I Schedule a Heating Replacement?

Our experts repair just about any heating problem that may arise with your forced-air heating system. Sometimes, though, repair is simply not the best choice for your heater. Investing in a replacement heater can be a tough decision to make. But it is a much easier decision to make when you have the confidence that comes with seeking professional advice.

You may be ready for a heating replacement if your heater is no longer capable of heating your home thoroughly and evenly. Any sudden increases in the cost of heating your home may also be a sign that a replacement heater is in order. Whatever issues the heater in your home is experiencing, we’ll advise you on the best options for your home and lifestyle.

Don’t Wait to Call for Heating Repair

Even with a great maintenance regiment, you will not be able to completely avoid the need for heater repair service. You can minimize such needs, but when problems develop with your heater, you need to schedule heating repair service right away. Keep an eye out for early warning signs that can indicate a problem with your heater.

Any sudden spikes in home heating costs or reduced performance levels should be inspected by a professional heating technician. Even minor problems such as odd noises and strange smells emanating from your heater may indicate a problem. Call AC Designs today to learn more about scheduling professional heating repair service in Jacksonville, FL.

Is Heating Maintenance Necessary?

When it comes to keeping your furnace, heat pump, or other home heater functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible, nothing tops routine professional maintenance. It allows you to protect your comfort and budget at the same time.

During a heating maintenance visit, our professionals inspect and tune up all individual components of your heater. When all the individual components of your heater are able to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, they serve the system as a whole better. This harmonious operation of your whole-house heating system and all of its individual components can boost efficiency, helping you to reduce the cost of operation during the winter.

The benefits of heating maintenance do not stop there, though. There is also no better way to curb damages to your home heating system than with regular, professional maintenance service. If even one component of your heater is compromised, the effects will be felt throughout the entire system. The longer a problem is left unaddressed, the more serious it is likely to be. Routine maintenance visits are a great opportunity for your professional heating technician to resolve any small problems before they become serious issues.

What are the Different Types of Heating Systems?

Ductless Systems

Ductless mini splits not only heat your home during the winter, they also provide you with exceptional cooling during the summer. Like a conventional heat pump, this system uses refrigerant, but it has much-improved efficiency as a result of its lack of ductwork. Call us for details.


A furnace is a great way to heat a home, and it also pairs nicely with your central air unit. Whether you’re in the market for a new furnace or your existing one needs repair or maintenance, we’re here to take care of the job properly.

Heat Pumps

If you want energy efficiency and comfort year-round, then you can’t go wrong with a professionally installed and serviced heat pump. Let us take care of your heat pump installation or repair as need be. We can find a new model for you or make sure that your existing one is tuned up.

Packaged HVAC Units

A packaged HVAC unit is an air conditioner or heat pump that has all of its components in a single enclosure (except the ducts!). If your home has limited space, you live in a mobile home, or you just want to put everything outside, then let us know. We install and service packaged units throughout the Jacksonville, FL area.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system capable of keeping your home comfortable all year long. That may not sound like anything special, but the incredible efficiency that a heat pump operates with really sets it apart from other heating and cooling options. With a proper installation a heat pump can greatly reduce the amount of energy you use, potentially reducing energy costs in your home.

Heat pumps are able to cut down on energy use by utilizing the heat transfer principle in their operation. This means that, rather than consume a fuel to create energy, heat pumps transfer preexisting heat into or out of your home to heat or cool it. Only a small amount of electricity is necessary to complete the heat transfer process. This reduction of energy consumption can have a serious impact on cutting down on energy costs. In order to do so, though, your heat pump must be professionally installed and serviced.

Is Professional Heat Pump Installation Important?

The whole point of a heat pump is to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Without a proper, professional heat pump installation, your heat pump will never operate as efficiently as it could. From the proper sizing to ductwork design and the installation itself, a number of different factors can reduce the efficiency of your heat pump if not handled with the care and expertise that only a professional can provide. To learn more about heat pump installation options in Jacksonville, call AC Designs.

When Should I Schedule a Heat Pump Replacement?

Eventually, like any other heating and cooling system, your heat pump will need to be replaced. When that time comes it is important that you contact a professional technician to handle your heat pump replacement. Only then can you be sure that the replacement model you choose is most appropriate for your home and that the installation of that replacement system will be a success. Do not trust just anyone with the installation or replacement of your heat pump in the Jacksonville area. Call AC Designs to schedule service today. We’ll make sure that your heat pump can heat and cool your home in the most efficient way possible.

How Can I Know When There is an Issue with My Heat Pump?

Your heat pump is a mechanical system, and even with great maintenance practices you will still encounter a problem requiring professional heat pump repair service at some point. The sooner these repairs are made, the better off your heat pump will be. Do not ignore the warning signs your heat pump exhibits that may indicate the need for repair services.

If your heat pump is costing you more money than usual to operate, it may need professional repair. A sudden drop in performance levels or unusual sounds may also point towards a potentially serious issue. Contact a professional heat pump service provider immediately to have any problems addressed and resolved before major damages occur.

Why Might I Need Heat Pump Maintenance?

Even the most innovative home heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance to ensure their continued efficiency and high–quality performance levels. Your heat pump, like any other mechanical system, is going to accrue some general wear and tear during operation. This is unavoidable, but it also does not necessarily need to be a problem.

When you schedule routine heat pump maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL, you are allowing a qualified technician the opportunity to inspect and tune up the many different components of your heat pump system. You are giving them the chance to eliminate any threats to your heat pump while they’re still fairly small. The longer such problems go unaddressed, the more serious they are likely to be. By addressing these developing issues early on, your heat pump technician can minimize the effect on your system. This allows you to save money during operation, thanks to improved efficiency, as well as reducing the need for repair services.

You deserve the most efficient, reliable performance possible from your air conditioner. Make sure that is what you get in your home. Contact the heat pump repair and maintenance specialists in Jacksonville, FL at AC Designs today to schedule service.

Furnaces in Jacksonville, FL

There are furnaces in countless homes throughout the country. If you have ever used a gas or electric furnace to heat your home, you probably understand their popularity. They have the potential to heat your home in an extremely efficient manner and provide dependable, consistent comfort. However, In order for any heating system to live up to this potential, though, it must receive a quality installation. To schedule an exceptional installation or repair for your furnace in Jacksonville, FL, get in touch with AC Designs. Our professional heating technicians ensure you get the best possible performance and efficiency from your forced heating system.
We offer quality furnaces and professional furnace services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Is Professional Furnace Installation Important?

Would you let an inexperienced, nonprofessional install a new engine in your car? If so, you may want to invest in a bus pass. Certain jobs require certain skills to perform correctly; it’s just that simple. Your furnace may not be in use quite as much as your air conditioner when you live in Jacksonville, FL but that does not make its quality of performance any less of a priority.

There is no way for anyone other than a trained, certified professional to properly handle your system installation service. Our team of professionals is extensively trained, experienced, and NATE certified. From sizing your furnace to helping you choose a fuel source, our technicians make sure you get the service you need from start to finish.

When Should I Schedule a Furnace Replacement?

It can be difficult to accept the fact that repairing your old heater is no longer worth the trouble and expense. No one looks forward to spending the money to invest in a replacement. However, in many situations, a furnace replacement is simply the best option available for your home.

Repair can recoup a lot of performance power. However, older furnaces often cannot compare to new models in terms of efficiency, even when they are operating at full capacity. If you find yourself scheduling frequent repair services only to achieve outdated efficiency levels, consider the installation of a new system.

Our team of experts helps you find the perfect replacement for your old gas or electric furnace. Remember, just because your furnace can be repaired does not mean that it is worth repairing. Speak with a professional, discuss your options, consider your budget, and make an informed decision about the possibility of a replacement.

Is Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

No heating system will be immune to damage, even with the benefit of great maintenance practices. When your gas or electric furnace encounters a problem requiring professional repair services, be sure to call for assistance immediately. The longer a problem is left to develop, the worse it is likely to become.

You may notice a drop in the heating output of your furnace, or even a spike in the amount it costs to operate that furnace. Such occurrences may indicate a serious problem that requires professional repairs. Do not give the issue time to worsen. Call for furnace repair services in Jacksonville the moment you suspect there is an issue.

Call Us for Furnace Maintenance

If you fail to schedule routine furnace maintenance service with a qualified, experienced professional, then there is simply no way for you to enjoy the full benefits of that furnace’s potential. Even the highest rated, most efficient HVAC system will suffer in performance and operation if it does not receive the necessary maintenance services. Your furnace will degrade over time, as will any other mechanical system.

With routine maintenance, the gradual degradations can be resolved and your entire system tuned up. These tune-ups allow the individual components of your furnace to operate properly, enhancing the performance of the system as a whole. This allows for more efficient operation, which in turn helps reduce energy consumption and costs.

Routine maintenance is also integral to avoiding costly repair services. If you force your compromised furnace to operate, any minor problems can develop into major issues. Routine maintenance helps to ensure that such problems are not given the chance to do so.

AC Designs is the local service provider to call when you need exceptional furnace services. Make sure your furnace is operating as efficiently and safely as possible. Schedule service for your gas or electric furnace in Jacksonville, FL today.

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