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Choose the Right Dehumidification Equipment for Your Home

In Florida, a dehumidifier can do you a world of good. Humidity levels are often out of control here, and it makes the air inside and out feel a lot warmer than it actually is. Sweat has a hard time evaporating from your body, and most people describe feeling hot and sticky when relative humidity levels are above about 50%.

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Getting the Right Air Filter for Your AC and Heating Needs

The filter in your AC and heating system serves two purposes: protecting your furnace and air handler from damage and keeping the air you breathe as clean as possible. However, the very first air filters were not designed for air cleaning so much as for system protection, and there are still many air filters out there that are not so effective at keeping your air clean and healthy.

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Clean Your Air with UV Lights

Clean, breathable air is something that all of us should have access to in our own homes. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed, even if you have an air filter in your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system.

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3 Benefits to Indoor Air Filters

Ready or not, summer is headed our way, and when you live in Jacksonville, FL, that means a lot of heat and humidity. A good air conditioner can help keep your home cool, but there’s more to a comfortable household than cool air.

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Warning Signs You Have Leaky Air Ducts

Most homeowners don’t pay too much attention to the ductwork of their home as long as they have somewhat sufficient heating or cooling power. Of course, the ducts are vital in the heating and cooling process, bringing air to the HVAC equipment so that it can heat up or cool off and then delivering the newly conditioned air into the home.

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