Four Common Heat Pump Issues

Four Common Heat Pump Issues, Explained

Even Florida’s balmy climate can go on vacation during the winter months, and many Sunshine State residents find themselves reaching for the thermostat when temperatures dip into jacket weather. If you find that your furnace is constantly cycling on and off or just doesn’t seem to be getting your home as warm as it normally does, you may be facing a heat pump problem.

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Could a Heat Pump Be the Perfect Comfort System for Your Home?

comfortable-familyA lot of people rely on window AC units and portable heaters for home comfort throughout the year. But this simply is not the best option if you’re looking for long-term efficiency. Most likely, you don’t feel as comfortable as you would like. And you’re spending more than you have to just to cool or heat small portions of your house at a time.

When we hear about homeowner’s year-round home comfort woes, we often recommend a heat pump. Heat pumps are not just for heating. They are actually some of the most efficient air conditioning systems around, that just so happen to be extremely efficient for heat in our climate as well.

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New Technology Makes Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Highly Efficient

When you’re shopping around for a new comfort system, you’ll have a wide range of options available. Heat pumps are some of the most efficient systems there are if you live in a climate like ours, where we rarely need heating but still want an efficient system for both cooling and heating.

And today, heat pumps are even more efficient than they’ve ever been before.

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Take a Look at the Advantages of a Variable Speed Heat Pump

“Variable speed” is a term that is relatively new to HVAC. Older air conditioning and heating systems did not have the ability to efficiently control fan speed in quite the same way as today’s variable speed heat pumps do. With a standard system, a blower fan runs at a single speed, and continues to blow air until the temperature in the home has reached the setting on the thermostat. But new technology has allowed for the creation of variable speed heat pumps for the ultimate in efficiency and performance.

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Sizing Your Heat Pump for Installation: What You Should Know

One of the most important parts of the heat pump or air conditioning installation process is determining the proper size of the system you plan to install for your home. A system that is too small will run for too long, which can wear down the parts, raise your bills, and will likely never keep you quite as comfortable as you’d like. One that is too big can short cycle (turn on and off too frequently), which also overworks the main components and could lead to premature failure. Here’s what else you should know about sizing a heat pump for installation.

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