4 Heating Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

4 Heating Mistakes that are Costing You Money

Winter is here and with it brings chilly homes, high heating costs, and leaving people to wonder if there are any money-saving steps they could take. The key to improved home comfort (and more money in your pocket) is understanding common heating mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

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Prepare Your Air Conditioning And Heating System For Fall

Prepare Your Air Conditioning and Heating System For Fall

Even though it may not feel like it, the hottest days of the year are almost behind us. Now is the time to give our A/C systems, which have been working overtime to keep us cool and comfortable, some much needed TLC. Here are a few pointers to keep your air conditioning and heating system running smoothly as we enter the fall and winter months.

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Tips to Stay Safe During Extreme Temperatures

Although July is historically the hottest month of the year, August is still known to bring extremely hot temperatures that can feel even hotter with high levels of humidity in the air. When you aren’t able to rely on your air conditioner to reduce the effects of extreme heat, here are a few tips to stay safe and avoid a potentially life-threatening heat stroke.

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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your A/C & Heating System | A/C Designs

Winter Maintenance Tips for your A/C & Heating System

While the winter months in Jacksonville, Florida are generally mild, there are typically a handful of days or weeks where temperatures are near freezing and homeowners turn to their heating systems for comfort. To ensure your system is in peak condition, regardless if you are using air conditioning or heating, it’s important to perform regular maintenance.  

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Does Rain Impact My A/C Unit? | A/C Designs

Does Rain Impact My A/C Unit?

It’s been a rainy season across Northeast Florida, and summer only just officially started! In fact, the Jacksonville area alone saw nearly 11 inches of rainfall in June alone. With this in mind, many homeowners are left wondering what these high rainfall totals will mean for their properties not just in terms of potential flooding, but damage to outdoor HVAC components as well.

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