AC Fall Maintenance

3 Reasons to Give Your Heating & Cooling System TLC this Fall

Your home’s heating and cooling system experiences a lot of wear and tear throughout the year, especial during the hot summer months. As a result of the system constantly running, the outdoor unit will likely see a build-up of pollen, dirt, dust, and debris that can lead to lower performance or long-term damage if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained.

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Why Is Water Dripping From My A/C Vents?

Why is water dripping from my A/C vents?

It might be a familiar sight to see your vehicle’s A/C dripping some water after it’s been parked for a few minutes. While this is a common occurrence that shouldn’t raise any red flags, the same can’t be said about your home’s air vents. If you notice water dripping from your A/C vents, the reasons range from fairly simple to complex. Below are four reasons why your vents may be dripping water:

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Before Speaking With A Specialist To Examine Your Unit’s Needs, There Are Several Signs To Watch Out For That Indicate You Need A New Unit.

Is It Time to Replace Your A/C?

As one of the most important systems in your household, you rely on your A/C  to keep you and your family comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions outdoors. During the hot summer months an increase in energy bills is to be expected, but if the cost is skyrocketing and you ask yourself, “how can this be possible?” it may be time to turn to an expert to see if your air conditioner or cooling habits are to blame.

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Why Is Maintenance So Important Before Summer Starts? | A/C Designs

Why is Maintenance so Important Before Summer Starts?

Summer is right around the corner, and it won’t be long before we see temperatures in or approaching three digits in the Jacksonville, FL area. While your air conditioning system may be handling the current temperatures without issue, now is the time to ensure your unit is able to keep up with the stress that hot weather brings.

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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your A/C & Heating System | A/C Designs

Winter Maintenance Tips for your A/C & Heating System

While the winter months in Jacksonville, Florida are generally mild, there are typically a handful of days or weeks where temperatures are near freezing and homeowners turn to their heating systems for comfort. To ensure your system is in peak condition, regardless if you are using air conditioning or heating, it’s important to perform regular maintenance.  

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