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Benefits of Rooftop Units

Commercial HVAC

In the world of commercial HVAC systems, rooftop package units dominate. They are so common that people who know nothing about commercial heating and cooling still automatically know that the devices that perform the job are located on the roof of a building.

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How High Humidity Can Cause Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioners are not designed specifically to combat humidity (although some models have dehumidifiers built into them). However, through their action of absorbing heat from the indoors of a home or building, they also remove some moisture from the air, and this can assist with lowering high humidity levels—and sometimes making a home too dry during periods of low humidity

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Problems Solved by Duct Repair

The ductwork of your home’s ventilation system must retain an airtight seal along its length. It only takes a small air leak in the ductwork to begin to cause serious problems that will lead to poor heating/cooling, HVAC repairs, and a drop in the quality of your indoor air.

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Install a New Air Conditioner Before Summer Arrives

Have you been considering the purchase of a new air conditioning system for your property, or are thinking of upgrading an outdated one? Spring offers a great window of time to do either, so if you’ve been thinking about it, let the Daytona Beach air conditioning installation experts from AC Designs, Inc. tell you why spring can be a great time to install a new air conditioner.

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