Why Refrigerant Loss in Your Commercial HVAC Requires Repair Service

You may know that an air conditioner runs using refrigerant. Refrigerant cycles through the entire system in order to remove heat from the inside air. And your commercial HVAC system must maintain a set level of refrigerant in order to properly do its job. Without the right level of refrigerant, your HVAC system can suffer a lot of damage and may even need replacement in some severe cases.

For commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville, call on the expertise of the commercial specialists at AC Designs Inc.

The fact is that air conditioners are simply not meant to lose refrigerant. Refrigerant does not dissipate from the system naturally, nor is it meant to occasionally be let out. Refrigerant is a chemical blend used in air conditioning because of its ability to easily convert from liquid to gas state, evaporating easily into a gas but never evaporating into the air, unless there is a problem with the refrigerant line or another component of your system.

Refrigerant can leak from the refrigerant line, out of the compressor, or through loose connections and fittings. And when it does, your unit does not have enough refrigerant to do its job. When your commercial unit was installed, professionals had to make some careful calculations to make sure that they measured out refrigerant to exactly the right charge. Without the proper charge, an air conditioner can suffer in a few different ways.

For one thing, a lack of refrigerant will likely mean reduced cooling power. Refrigerant moves to the indoor evaporator coil to absorb heat and then to the outside condensing coil to release it. Without the right amount of refrigerant, it cannot pull enough heat from a large commercial space, and it will take longer for the system to cool your business.

Furthermore, leaks could lead to a frozen coil or trouble with the compressor. The indoor coil may freeze as a result of low refrigerant because there is not enough thermal energy to moderate the temperature of the coil. And too little refrigerant may also have an effect on the compressor, one of the most important parts of the system. This part adds pressure to the refrigerant as well as heat so that heat can dissipate at the condenser coil and so that the refrigerant cycle can continue. However, it needs a very specific amount to work, and may struggle or fail without it.

The commercial specialists at AC Designs Inc. have years of experience repairing packaged rooftop units and all types of commercial systems. Call us to schedule an appointment as soon as you suspect the need for commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville.

How to Tell You Need New Commercial HVAC Installation

Your commercial HVAC system has kept your employees, tenants, customers, and/or clients comfortable throughout the years. But as the years go by, you may begin to wonder: when is it time to replace an older commercial HVAC system? Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are built tough to handle a large heating or cooling load, but they cannot last forever. The following are some of the signs that new installation is the best choice for your business.

  • Old Age: Commercial HVAC systems unfortunately have an expiration date of sorts, although this number varies depending on the system. Ask your commercial technician about the lifespan of your particular unit or check with the manufacturer for an estimation. Keep in mind than if you use your system more often than the average property, or if you do not change filters and schedule regular maintenance, your system may not last as long.
  • Frequent Repairs: Another common sign indicating the need for new installation is frequent calls to a technician for repairs. Not every problem should be a major cause for alarm. If a problem with your HVAC system is fixed quickly, it usually will not have any major effect on your equipment overall. However, if you’ve found yourself contacting a contractor multiple times over the last couple of years, the components may be beginning to wear down. Generally, it’s less costly to replace the entire unit than to fix it piece-by-piece.
  • High Energy Costs: It costs a lot to run an air conditioning or heating system for long enough to heat or cool an entire building. But if you notice an even greater increase in your heating or cooling costs than usual, it may mean that the parts are in poor condition and cannot operate efficiently.

You should also keep in mind that commercial installations and repairs are a job for trained professionals only. Commercial specialists know what to look for with larger systems, and will not try to upsell you with a new system if a simple repair will keep it running for another year or two. Call AC Designs Inc. to speak with specialists about commercial HVAC in St. Augustine.

Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair Services

The HVAC system in your commercial property plays a critical role in day-to-day operations: without a comfortable environment with controlled humidity, worker productivity will suffer and you can also end up with unhappy customers and clients. If your commercial HVAC in Daytona Beach, FL begins to falter and negatively affect the comfort inside the workspace, you need to call for repair specialists to take care of the problem, fast.

AC Designs Inc. is a name you can trust for quality commercial HVAC services. We have helped businesses in the greater Jacksonville and Daytona areas stay comfortable—no matter the weather outside—for more than a decade. Make us your first call when it comes to taking care of the air conditioning and heating for your commercial property.

Here are some signs to watch for that warn you need professional repair services:

Noisy Heating/Cooling Operation

Modern commercial heating and air conditioning units for businesses are designed to work with a minimum of noise pollution; you don’t need a distracting rumbling noise bothering your employees and/or customers. When strange sounds begin to come from the vents, or the compressor starts to create bizarre noises every time it turns on, you may have major mechanical issues inside the HVAC system that will require trained technicians to investigate.

Elevated Utility Bills

We know that you keep a close watch on the finances for your company, and that includes the regular utility bills. When an HVAC unit starts to malfunction, it will make the heater and air conditioner work harder to achieve their expected temperature levels, and this will create a spike in the utility bills. If you cannot account for a sudden rise on these bills, call for repair specialists to see if there is anything wrong with the HVAC system.

Hot or Cold Spots in the Workspace

As a heater or air conditioner starts to fail due to a repair need, it will create uneven temperatures. If employees or customers start to complain about certain rooms feeling uncomfortably warm or cool, you should look into repairs for the system. One likely possibility is that the unit is leaking refrigerant and losing its ability to condition the air. There is also the chance that the thermostat system is miscalibrated or otherwise malfunctioning.

To help keep repair problems from threatening your commercial property’s comfort, arrange to have regular maintenance. Experienced commercial technicians will inspect the system twice a year (once in spring, once in fall) to see that it has no impending repair issues that need addressing. The technicians will also tune-up the HVAC system so that it runs at its maximum efficiency.

In Daytona Beach, FL, commercial HVAC repair from AC Designs Inc. will make certain your commercial space remains comfortable throughout the year. You can contact us for regular maintenance as well.

Why You Need a Specialist for Commercial HVAC Repair

You’ve started to notice hot or cold spots in the office, and customers or employees have noticed as well. Maybe there are odd burning smells coming from the vents, or rattling noises from the rooftop units above. Whatever the signs, you think you have repair issues with the commercial HVAC system that makes a comfortable environment in your business. Who should you call?

Always call a commercial specialist, a company that specifically handles commercial work. You can’t call up any HVAC company, and you certainly cannot rely on amateurs. You won’t save money because the system will not receive the quality work it should. Commercial systems need commercial repairs.

For the commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL that will get the job done quickly and right the first time, rely on a company with 11 years serving Jacksonville and Daytona businesses with top-rate service: AC Designs Inc. You can reach us 24 hours a day for those repairs that can’t wait.

Why Commercial Specialists Are Necessary

There are two major differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems that make it imperative that technicians receive special training to work on commercial systems:

  • Size: Commercial systems need to cover larger areas in general than residential ones. Even a sprawling mansion won’t need the power that a small business requires. It’s not only an issue of square footage but also the number of people that a commercial heater and air conditioner must keep comfortable. Handling numerous large rooftop units that must provide for sprawling spaces and many employees requires knowledge that goes past what’s necessary to take care of a home’s comfort system.
  • Configuration: The standard commercial HVAC is much different from a residential one. Usually, commercial air conditioners and heat pumps are “package units,” which contain all the components in one cabinet, instead of spread over two. This makes them very different to work on. These systems are also modular, not stand-alone, and this also separates the kind of repair work needed on them from other types of systems.

In addition, commercial repair specialists know how to keep a building up to electrical code, something that is rarely an issue with a home HVAC system. You don’t want a repair technician to accidentally wire up your faulty AC so it causes a potential safety problem that could shut down your business because of a violation.

As a business owner, you know the value of professionalism and skill: look for that in the contractor you choose to handle your commercial HVAC repair in Jacksonville, FL the next time you run into comfort issues. AC Designs Inc. is standing by with a highly trained staff to come to your company’s aid whenever you need us. Contact us today to schedule your next commercial HVAC service appointment.

Why So Many Commercial HVAC Units are Rooftop Units

The rooftop unit is the workhorse of the commercial HVAC world. Even people with no knowledge of how heating and cooling works for a commercial building know that the machines that keep the rooms throughout the structure comfortable are located on the roof. (This general knowledge most likely comes from watching movies, which like to set shoot-outs and clandestine meeting on the tops of buildings).

There are some good reasons for the general popularity of rooftop AC and heating units in the business world. At AC Designs Inc., we have a ten-year history of seeing how effective rooftop units in Orange Park, FL are at keeping workplaces cool in summer and warm during the winter. Contact us today for all your questions and service needs for your company’s rooftop units, whether installation, repair, or routine maintenance.

The Reason the Rooftop Unit is the Business Standard

Rooftop units started to appear in the early days of electro mechanical air conditioning, during the first decades of the 20th century. At this time, most major businesses were located in crowded and concentrated older downtown areas. (This predates the development of large suburban zones.) There was simply no room between buildings for the large outdoor units necessary for air conditioning. Instead, AC manufacturers designed units that could work on the roof and access the ventilation system from there. So one of the reasons for rooftop units is simply tradition: even though many major office buildings are located in areas with extensive space around them, the air conditioners are still designed to sit up on the roof.

There are other reasons that the HVAC units have remained at the top of buildings. They take up less space there, and remain out of eye line of most people, which helps make structures and grounds more attractive. The location also prevents HVAC systems from suffering damage from vandalism. Technicians can access the rooftop unit without interfering with daily work routines. It’s also easy to expand on the HVAC to add more heating and cooling capacity on the roof, where there are fewer space concerns or almost no design concerns.

Call Professionals for Rooftop Unit Service

The roof may be one of the best places for a commercial HVAC unit, but a unit is only as good as its installation and the repairs and maintenance it receives. Don’t rely on amateurs or on work from contractors who lack commercial experience. For rooftop unit services in Orange Park, FL, call on the team at AC Designs Inc. We are ready 24 hours a day to help protect your company’s comfort.

Benefits of Rooftop Units

In the world of commercial HVAC systems, rooftop package units dominate. They are so common that people who know nothing about commercial heating and cooling still automatically know that the devices that perform the job are located on the roof of a building. (Although most of these people probably know this from watching rooftop chases and shootouts in movies where heroes and villains use the rooftop HVAC units as cover.)

What makes rooftop units so popular? They offer some excellent benefits, and we’ll look at a few of the reasons that you should consider installation of rooftop units in Daytona Beach, FL for your company.

Of course, an HVAC system is only as good as the work done to install it, so when you are ready for your new rooftop packaged units, call AC Designs Inc. and let our more than 10 years of experience take care of the task. We will make sure you have the right system doing the best job possible.

Why Rooftop Units Are So Beneficial

  • Packaged unit convenience: Rooftop units are packaged units, which means they are unlike the “split” systems often seen in homes and smaller businesses that use an indoor and outdoor cabinet. All the component for heating and cooling, including both the evaporator and condenser, are housed inside a rooftop unit, making them easier to install and service. They also save space because they do not require an indoor cabinet.
  • Attractiveness: No, we don’t mean that rooftop units are attractive-looking; they are functional items in appearance. But if you have them housed on the roof of your business, they will make the working areas below more attractive to customers and clients, keeping the space around the business free from industrial-looking machinery.
  • Modular: Rooftop package units are designed in modules, so whenever you need to add more heating or cooling power to your business because of expansion or redesign, you won’t need to scrap the old system and replace it with a new one. You instead can place a new module on the roof to add power to the current one. Modules come in a great range of sizes, from 5-tons to 50-tons of cooling power, so you can choose the exact size to accommodate your expansion.
  • Protection from damage: Being Located up on the roof removes the potential that they system will sustain damage from vandalism or other human interference.

Call for Commercial HVAC Specialists

You must have commercial experts handle the installation of commercial HVAC units in Daytona Beach, FL, otherwise you risk an inefficient and poorly-sized system. AC Designs Inc. can handle the work for you, and we also supply excellent repairs—any time of the day or night—and regular maintenance service. Give us a call today.

3 Distinctive Features of Commercial HVAC Systems

In principle, commercial HVAC systems don’t differ in any significant way from residential HVAC systems. Both use constantly cycling refrigerant gas to lower the temperature of the air, which can then be blown through the space via a fan and a system of ducts. Here in Orange Park, commercial HVAC systems are a common sight in office buildings and malls, and you might assume that the practical details are the same as they are with residential systems. However, commercial systems have different requirements, and while the basic principles are the same, the specifics can sometimes make them look like very different devices. Here are 3 distinctive features of commercial HVAC systems that you can find on most common makes and models.

  • Higher capacity. Office buildings and other types of business space tend to be much larger than your average home, and thus require a lot more cooling power to keep properly conditioned. Accordingly, commercial air conditioning systems tend to have a lot more power than residential systems and are usually a good deal larger as a result.
  • Modular. At the same time, the specific needs of commercial spaces can change quite often, as old tenants leave and new ones arrive. You can’t simply replace the whole air conditioning system just because a new business has different needs than the old one. Instead, commercial systems adopt a modular approach: adding new AC units onto the existing system as needed and shutting down the old ones when they aren’t needed. It helps the system stay efficient while still meeting the needs of the space.
  • Rooftop placement. Business space is often a priority, which is why you often find commercial HVAC systems on the roof of their building. That necessitates a sturdier construction to fend off the ravages of weather, but frees up space on the property for parking, storage or practical office space.

The distinctive features of commercial HVAC systems mean that you should call upon an installation service with experience in handling them. And in Orange Park, commercial HVAC systems are the purveyance of AC Designs Inc. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and let us show you what we can do!